The history of Barbara Stein

Barbara Stein's brand has been present for over 60 years in the Italian market of professional cosmetics.

Barbara Stein was founded in 1948 by an Italian chemical engineer and his Swiss wife. During the 1950's period of incredible economic growth Barbara Stein was able to impose its market presence thanks to performing formulas and carefully aimed marketing actions. Thanks to the innovative idea of organizing training courses for beauticians, the Barbara Stein brand rapidly became known and associated to top quality professional cosmetics. Since then we have experienced many successes: from Bios Cream "M" (anti-relaxant cream designed for pregnant women), to New Skin (non-abrasive peeling cream), from Icy Gel (cooling cream for legs) to Slim Cream (intensive anti-cellulite cream), not forgetting the latest innovative products derived from hyaluronic acid, sea algae and thermal mineral peloid. Also our line of products for massotherapy and physiotherapy and our natural remedies for body wellness like Armogel, Warm Clay, Fisiogel and all our natural massage oils with pure essential oils for aromatherapy which have had great success amongst both professionals and retail consumers.

Today Barbara Stein produces professional cosmetics using natural ingredients for face, body, hands, feet, hair and for esthetic / therapeutic massages. Moreover during the last 10 years we created a "Technical Division" that offers furniture, accessories, equipment and machinery for beauty salons, health farms, hair salons and massotherapists.

Thanks to the accurate selection of natural ingredients Barbara Stein products are characterised by high quality and tollerability. We do not use any product or substance which has been tested on animals. Thanks to the high quality and concentration of its ingredients, Barbara Stein products give excellent results even at a low dosage. After years of accurate studies Barbara Stein's research lab has begun using natural sunflower oil (Helianthus Annuus) - produced in Italy under strict regulations, cold pressed, refined and purified - as a great natural alternative to synthetic oils used to produce cosmetics.

In the peace and beauty of the Tuscan countryside our expert bioligists carry out the philosophy that has always inspired Barbara Stein products: quality, naturality and professionalism. After over 60 years experience in this field, and maintaining our traditions and our usual attention towards our clients, the company is renewing itself through a process of ongoing research and true passion.

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