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Barbara Stein offers a vast range of products for all kinds of skin: oily, dry, mixed, normal, sensitive. For each kind of skin we have studied and created specific treatments:

  • Cleaning
  • Treatment
  • Maintaining - Normalizing
  • Delicate peeling / scrubbing

Do you know your skin kind? In order to chose the most suitable Barbara Stein product it is important to know exactly what kind of skin you have and give it the appropriate care. These are the main kinds of skin.


Normal skin is compact, smooth, soft and elastic, healthy and with a pink colour. This condition must be preserved with physiological products that can support hydrolipid skin acid film.


Oily skin is characterised by by excessive sebaceous production which causes skin to be greasy and shiny, with dilated pores and tendency to form comedos (commonly known as blackheads) and spots. Texture is thicker and colour is less bright, less pink than normal skin.

It requires an effective but not aggressive cleaning, preferably balancing sebum and astringent, and a careful choice of hydrating (non-greasy) cosmetic treatments. In case of acne it may require the assistance of a dermatologist for appropriate treatment.


Dry skin is rough, darker and thinner than normal skin. It tends to flake and it is easily subject to inflammation and rashes. It is less toned because usually not enough hydrated. The "barrier" function and hydrolipid skin acid film are damaged, making it easier to form wrinkles. Therefore it has to be heavily hydrated and treated with products which can compensate the loss of natural oils and hydration.

Skin can be dry for lack of water (dehydration) or for a low sebum production (defined as alipic skin). When skin is dehydrated it becomes frail and it it requires gentle cleaning in order to avoid the sensation of dryness and stretching that stronger substances could create. Moreover, it must be properly hydrated with products containing natural hydrating elements, like amino-acids, sodium PCA, sodium lactate, urea and sugars that are usually lacking in this kind of skin.

Alipic skin has an insufficient (or totally absent) protective lipidic layer, so it is particularly sensitive to external agents. For this reason it is necessary to to intervene by replenishing sebum levels with unsaturated fatty acids, triglycerides and similar.


Mixed skin is the most common: generally a person's skin isn't only dry or oily, it's more likely to have some dry areas, some oily areas and some normal areas. The so called T zone (forehead, nose, chin) is usually oily, while cheeks and neck are nearly always dry. Depending on the percentage of these areas we will have dry, normal or oily skin.


Couperose skin is characterised by erythrosis and telangiectasis, causing blood vessels underneath the skin to dilate and form red/purple lines which become extremely visible on the cheeks. This condition is common in emotional people who often blush (redness may be sudden and temporary or prolongued in case of erythrosis) and in people with delicate vessels.

Couperose condition is present on thin, dry, delicate, sensitive, irritable and allergic prone skin. This esthetic problem may worsen in case of temperature changes, exposition to sunlight and excessively strong massages. It must be treated with protective products and blood vessel astringents.


Asphyctic skin is partucularly difficult to treat. It often presents pimples, superficial and/or internal fatty deposits. Generally this kind of skin dos not breathe because the superficial layers are hard with obstructed pores, while the internal ones are greasy. In case of asphyctic skin it is recommended that you refer to a dermatologist for the best kind of treatment.

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