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Hyaluronic acid anti-age day cream - 50ml jar

It gradually reduces the effects of time thanks to the strong filling and resilient action of hyaluronic acid (4%). Daily use helps to maintain and enhance the skin's water supply, by filling lines and wrinkles and generally improving the skin's look by making it more fresh, soft and smooth. Suitable for any kind of skin, it can be used as an excellent base for make-up or combined with any other facial treatment.

Apricot oil regenerative night cream - 50ml jar

The high content of potassium and carotene present in apricot stone oil gradually regenerates the skin's epithelium structure by stimulating the tissues' oxygenation through a progressive absorption of trace elements during sleep. Suitable for any kind of skin, especially mature skin.

Marine plankton vitamin day cream - 50ml jar

Rapid absorption emulsion, ideal for rehydrating and nourishing the facial skin. Marine plankton extract has soothing and normalizing properties. The cream improves skin's morphology, protecting it from external agents and making it soft and homogeneous.

Argan and essential oils skin-restorative drops - 30ml bottle

For centuries Berber women have used Argan oil on their skin and hair for its strong antioxidant, soothing, hydrating and cell-regenerating properties. The synergy with a carefully dosed essential oil mixture allows these drops to be effective against skin flaws in a totally natural manner. Easily absorbable, this product restores the correct hydrolipid level of face and neck skin and visibly mitigates shadows under the eyes, expression wrinkles and tissue relaxation.

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