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Massotherapy is an ancient manual technique which is present in nearly every culture. Massage is surely the most ancient and intuitive way for one person to sooth another person's pain. A massage is carried out by using certain techniques (stroking, applying pressure, applying friction, twisting, rubbing) on the human body's soft tissues. A massage can be:

  • Aesthetic
  • Therapeutic
  • Sport-related

and shows its beneficial effects on the mind as well.

Barbara Stein has dedicated a whole product line to massotherapy/physiotherapy, giving professional figures the possibility of enhancing the effects of their techniques.

  • Standard massage creams and oils
  • Relaxing massage creams and oils
  • Vitamin/nourishing massage creams and oils
  • Antioxidant and stimulating massage creams and oils
  • Warming massage crams and oils
  • Cooling massage creams and oils

A massage can have different purposes, and it generally improves:

  • Elasticity of epithelial, muscular and ligament stuctures
  • Peripheral blood circulation, linfatic and blood reflux
  • Methabolism acceleration
  • Neurovegetative dystonias and disturbs

Physiotherapy is the range of techniques used by professional figures (physiotherapists) to solve issues related to motion, upper-cortical, breathing and visceral functions.

A physiotherapist is skilled to carry out (on his own or in collaboration with other professional figures) preventive, healing and rehabilitative techniques related to orthopedic and neurological pathologies of any aetiology (aquired or congenital).

For these needs Barbara Stein offers the following products:

  • Arnica Montana anti-inflammatory gel
  • Electro/photo-conductor physiological cream and gel
  • Thermal Mineral Peloid cataplasm
    • warming
    • cooling

Other Barbara Stein products:

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